Over 25 Years of Expertise as Gas and Adhesive Suppliers

We can help you with any problems and any other service related to gas refills.

We supply all types of gas products:


  • Gas for Beer Pumps and Drink Dispense Unit

    • ¬†Food grade co2 and mixed gas cylinders

  • Baloon Gas (Helium) (Inflators)

  • Welding Gases (Argon)

  • Nitrogen

  • Butane and Propane Gas (BBQ) (Portable Heater)

  • Adhesives

    • We are an approved¬†Bostock agent



Here at Brentex Gas, we pride ourselves on our products and services.

Whether you’re looking for gas bottles to suit your commercial or domestic needs, we are confident that you’ll find something suitable form our range of products.


Carbon Dioxide

Brentex Carbon Dioxide

Mixed Gas

Brentex Mixed Gas


Brentex Welding


Brentex Helium


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